Voice recognition (0:29)

Voice recognition feature is available on "new" iPad and higher. It could be used to enter text or number in any field.

Template creation (3:59)

You can save a treatment plan by going into the "edit mode", then tap on "arrow" and tap on "save as template" button. This will prompt you to select a name for the template and save.

Switching between
the modes (0:37)

SmartFlow has 2 modes in which you operate. We called them: "Treatment mode" and "Editing mode".

Recording the treatments (0:35)

We recommend recording from top to bottom. To record a treatment you need to tap and hold on th corresponding cell.

Quick patient creation (0:30)

If you are in a rush and need to begin treatment on a certain patient, you can create new sheet by just taking a picture of the patient and entering the weight.

Patient discharge (0:54)

At the end of hospitalization you need to discharge the patient. This could be done by tapping on the arrow sign and tap on "Patient discharge" button.

Medication calculator (1:34)

When assigning a medication you have to indicate the concentration of the drug and SmartFlow will calculate total dose.

IV fluid calculator (0:15)

When setting the fluids - maintenance rate is calculated automatically considering the weight of the patient.

Deleting the parameter (0:19)

If you don't want the parameter on your sheet - tap on the trash can sign in the left top corner of the window.

Critical parameters (1:26)

Most parameters which have numeric value have "critical value setting" - this is the range which you can set yourself.

Create your own monitor / activity/ medication (0:22)

If you can't find desired parameter - you can just type it in the appropriate section.

Add text feature (0:40)

If you need to add notes to any particular cell you can do so by pressing and holding corresponding cell.

Add monitoring / medication / activity (0:12)

If you can't find desired parameter - you can just type it in the appropriate section.

Add 24 hrs (0:20)

To add an additional day to the treatment sheet go to "edit mode", tap on the "arrow" sign and tap on "add 24 hrs hosp".

"Patient Info" screen (0:52)

When you open SmartFlow the first screen takes you to the "New Patient" button. This button takes you to the "Patient Info" screen.

Add bolus (0:42)

The bolus feature is created to administer rapid resuscitative fluid therapy with precise calculation of the volume and rate to be infused.

Deleting items (0:28)

If you misspelled a monitor, medication, activity or a procedure, you can simply delete it by going into "editing mode", tap on the "+" sign and slide the item you wish to delete to the left.

Real-time sync (1:57)

SmartFlow could be accessed from different locations, which allows doctors and technicians work on the same patient without worrying about logging in and out on the same device.

Arrival time (0:44)

SmartFlow now has the ability for you to create Flow Sheets in Advance.

Revenue loss calculator (1:10)

The Revenue Loss Calculator is designed to help you estimate losses which your practice may experience due to poor workflow organization.

IV Catheter (0:56)

You can add the catheter type onto patient information screen.

eVetPractice integration (1:25)

SmartFlow integration with eVetPractice Management System.

ezyVet integration (1:25)

SmartFlow integration with ezyVet Practice Management Solution.

BeeFree integration (1:16)

SmartFlow integration with BeeFree Practice Management Solution.

Color change (0:32)

If you would like to emphasize a certain treatment - you can change the color of the whole row or any single cell after the treatment.

Departments (0:59)

Each clinic has the ability to have multiple departments on SmartFlow.

Parameters Settings (1:23)

You can now edit parameter settings right from your web browser under your settings tab.

Fixed Time Templates (1:12)

The “fixed template” option gives you the ability to create a custom flow sheet with fixed time settings.

Changing Frequency (0:32)

Change the frequency of a set of treatments all at one time instead of individually.

Moving Highlighting

The option for treatments to stop for several hours and then continue again in the future.

Using the note section (1:47)

It's time to toss the post-it notes and use SmartFlow Notes!

Medical Records (0:47)

See how easy automated medical records can be on SmartFlow!

Discharge a patient from the web (1:19)

See how easy it is to discharge a patient from the web on SmartFlow!

End of Shift Billing (1:37)

Here is a quick tutorial on how to perform end of shift billing on SmartFlow.

Diet Calculator (2:07)

See how easy it is to calculate your patient's diet using SmartFlow's built in diet calculator.

Restore your own patient to your whiteboard (0:46)

Learn how to get a patient back to your whiteboard or retrieve their records after discharge.

Re-Order Parameters (0:39)

Easily drag and drop parameters to organize them your way!

Add and Re-Order Tasks (1:28)

Use the task feature if you would like to create a treatment that is not based on time.

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