Treatment Room

When most veterinary practices push into the "paper-light" or the entirely ‘paperless’ world, they frequently do not think to replace the dirty, dingy veterinary whiteboard. After all, it is plastic and not paper.

Smart Flow does replace it with our special outpatient whiteboard. Here's why you'll love it.

First of all, it's portable. You see it on the iPad the same way you see on the large screen (or on a remote PC in a separate building), the updates are instant, and you won't need to run through the entire hospital to check on the patient.

Outpatient whiteboard is entirely digital, so you'll never be deciphering the handwriting of a fellow doctor or trying to guess what parts of the whiteboard were accidentally wiped off. Our whiteboards are neatly packed with all the patient information and special conditions that you can get by just glancing over: life support levels, weight, owner contacts, pending & missed treatments, everything is on your fingertips.

We usually recommend having a dedicated large TV sitting in a high-traffic area of a hospital. Our whiteboard will automatically update each couple of seconds, and every person would immediately see the current status of each patient.