Gone are the hectic times often associated with performing veterinary surgery. With Smart Flow’s veterinary digital surgical consent forms, electronic anesthetic sheet, veterinary surgical whiteboard, and billing tracking features, we have you covered.

Build your own veterinary patient treatment and anesthetic templates with the drugs and dosages each veterinarian prefers. Smart Flow will calculate the drug dosages based on the given weight of the patient, all of which will be part of the digital treatment sheet and electronic anesthetic sheet.

Smart Flow’s veterinary surgery whiteboard will keep all surgical tasks on track. Veterinarians will know when patients are ready for induction, vet techs can track how long surgeries are taking, and veterinary receptionists will know what to tell concerned owners calling for updates.

When it comes to monitoring veterinary anesthesia, a veterinary technician’s job is difficult. Smart Flow’s veterinary electronic anesthetic sheet is something every technician monitoring surgery deserves. It’s simple, easy to use, and frees up a whole lot of time, giving the veterinary technician the ability focus on the patient, rather than on the paperwork.

With Smart Flow’s digital veterinary anesthetic sheet, you can write down your veterinary patient vitals in seconds. They can even be auto-populated for you if you have an anesthetic monitor that is integrated with Smart Flow.

Finally, the veterinary invoice. With Smart Flow, every time you indicate on a patient’s digital treatment sheet or anesthetic sheet that a billable procedure or treatment has been completed, it will be added onto a billing report PDF. A one-stop overview of everything that was done to the patient that needs to be billed for (perfect for end of shift billing!). An added bonus if your veterinary practice management software is integrated with Smart Flow is the ability of this cloud based veterinary system to automatically add the charge the patient’s invoice within the vet software.