Reception Management

For your veterinary clients, it’s the reception area that sets the mood of their visit to the veterinary hospital. With Smart Flow, you can give your clients a first class first impression. You can forget about messy handwriting and misspelled names on your veterinary patient intake forms. With Smart Flow’s digital consent forms, you can customize everything from veterinary surgical consent forms to boarding intake forms to euthanasia forms (and anything else you can dream up). Simply hand the Smart Flow enabled iPad to the pet owner, and she fills the veterinary admission form on her own. Find out what it’s like to be a truly paperless vet hospital; no re-typing, scanning or other mundane tasks for your veterinary team to worry about!

If you have a very busy veterinary reception area, you can process multiple patient admissions simultaneously. Your veterinary receptionist can deliver more attention and service to the owner. Offering the client a coffee, helping with a carrier, direct to the waiting area – all those tiny bits of service clients expect from the best veterinary hospitals are now possible without breaking the admission workflow.

Another major benefit of Smart Flow in the reception area is the digital veterinary whiteboard. Having a real-time communication channel between the front and the back of your veterinary practice will cut down paging drastically and enable a work pace that is suitable for the whole veterinary team.

With Smart Flow’s cloud-based electronic veterinary whiteboard displayed on a TV, you’ll know where your veterinary patients are at all times, whether you are a receptionist determining which patient exam room to use, a veterinary technician waiting to start a procedure, or a veterinarian eager to get into your next appointment.

Bringing a standardized patient workflow powered by Smart Flow to the reception area of your veterinary hospital will bring clarity to a somewhat chaotic area and keep all participants on the same page. Plus, Smart Flow works with whatever veterinary practice management software you have!