We are currently reworking our onboarding checklist. Things may change, but no data has been lost. Your onboarding specialist will work with you to explain what you should work on! Contact onboarding@smartflowsheet.com if you need assistance!

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The "Real" Post Mortem

Congratulations on your completion of the Onboarding process.

Your staff "killed it" so its time for the "post mortem"!

Your clinic now has powerful tools to:
  • Capture missed charges.
  • Create as many templates as you need to assist quality patient care.
  • Use your templates to create treatment plans and anesthetic sheets in a fration of the time.

  • Use Task lists that are 100% customizable with built in timers.
  • Help your staff improve the quality of care.

We are committed to helping you and your staff make the most of your Smart Flow subscription. The following questions will help us ensure that we have set you up for success. 

If there are any "No" answers, we will schedule a recurring weekly meeting until we have succeeded together.