We are currently reworking our onboarding checklist. Things may change, but no data has been lost. Your onboarding specialist will work with you to explain what you should work on! Contact onboarding@smartflowsheet.com if you need assistance!

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Create Your Default Template

From your default template, we will customize your other flowsheets. We'd like to get your default template up and tested before you start customizing them, so you don't have to make changes to multiple flowsheets!

Think about a naming convention for your templates. By starting each template name with the doctor's initials, you will ensure that each doctor can easily find their own templates by simply typing their initials. We also recommend including the species and condition, if applicable. For example:

IZ Vomiting Diarrhea Canine

There are three templates we will work on together during the onboarding process. After we have the Default template set up, you can use it as a foundation to create any additional specific templates for various doctors, species and conditions commonly seen in your hospital.

Admission The task based workflow you're using for outpatients (exam visits)
Surgery The task based workflow you're using for surgical patients
Default The standard treatment/flowsheet you are currently using with patients

The set up of your flowsheet will be dependent on how you bill for various items (fluids, for example).
We will start with the monitoring section, and proceed down the sheet.

The parameter names on Smart Flow's side can be customised to suit your clinic. Some of the common customizations that we use and recommend are:

10 Hydromorphone Put the number representing the concentration ahead of the name, so it shows clearly on the flowsheet
O 10 Hydromorphone Put an "O" ahead of the name, to show this is a dispensed/"Own" medication
B 10 Hydromorphone Put a "B" ahead of the name to show this is a Bundled medication (already charged for in your OVH surgery charge, for example)

If you have an EMR that is fully integrated with Smart Flow, we will need to be thoughtful about some of the parameter names.

When you bring your inventory into Smart Flow, our computer generated names will help you out, so we recommend sticking close to the examples.