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Template Settings

Before starting with Smart Flow, you will need to decide between "Fixed" or "Non-Fixed" templates.

  • Non-Fixed templates are based on your "q" selection for medications and treatments.
    These templates are typical for 24-hour clinics where treatments happen at regular intervals.
    The template starts from the current time and treatments will repeat based on their settings.

  • Fixed templates are based on specific times you chose outside of the "q" selection.
    These templates are more appropriate for clinics where treatments usually take place at the same times daily.
    New templates are copied exactly, as if you made a photocopy.

You can switch this setting later on, but Fixed templates are not available in Non-Fixed mode, and vice versa. This is why you need to decide which will work best for your clinic now, before we get started!

Please watch the short video below to help you decide what mode will best suit your facility.

What is the difference between "Fixed and "Non-fixed" modes?