We are currently reworking our onboarding checklist. Things may change, but no data has been lost. Your onboarding specialist will work with you to explain what you should work on! Contact onboarding@smartflowsheet.com if you need assistance!

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Hospital Onboarding Evaluation

Give us a tour
Create a video or series of photos...
pretend the camera is a patient's view,
or following a patient's visit through your clinic. 


A main goal is to reduce paper and increase efficiency, so please take the time to show us clear shots of any paper your clients or staff interact with during a visit. These may include flow sheets, consent forms, and more. You will be asked to send scans or images of these documents later, but for now, we'd just like to see which forms you use where! 


If you have whiteboards or other communication tools, whether they are electronic (TVs) or dry-erase, please be sure to include clear shots of them as you pass them by in the tour!


If you have a variety of unique types of patient visits, please make a video of the differences for admissions, drop-offs, in-office exams, surgeries, emergencies, etc.