When you are a paying customer with Smart Flow, you will be given access to our Teamwork Project for your clinic. This will facilitate the decisions, set-up, testing and training required to ensure you have an amazing go-live experience.
Note for customers paid prior to Jan 1, 2018: We are currently moving our onboarding checklist to Teamwork Projects. Things may change, but no data has been lost. Your workflow consultant will work with you to explain what you should work on! Contact onboarding@smartflowsheet.com if you need assistance!
You can access your Smart Flow account at any time by clicking "Whiteboard" in the top right corner.
Please log into your Teamwork Checklist below. If you are receiving an Incorrect Login message, please ensure you have booked a meeting with our Service Manager (https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/onboarding/courtenay).