Hardware Requirements

1. iPads

Your iPad is going to be your staff's new best friend! It's portable, user friendly, and will make treatments so much easier!

What you will need:

The number of iPads depends on the size of your facility and preference. A smaller pratice with 1-2 technicians can probably function well with 1-2 iPads, however larger facilities may need to add more if they have numerous staff on the floor performing treatments.

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2. iPad cases

A durable case such as the Survivor case is ideal, as iPads will be used cage-side and will need to be protected as well as disinfected from time to time.

3. TV Screen(s)

Please note that using Smart TVs isn't recommended as we find the internet browsers on them are not always capable of handling the Smart Flow program

4. Wall Mount(s)

Hardware to mount the tv(s) on the wall can range from simple and inexpensive, to multi-functional and more costly. You will need to decide what works for your practice.

5. Mounting your whiteboard

Now that your screen is up on the wall, let's make that TV into a Whiteboard!

You have a few options for how you want to connect your screen to the computer used to run your Whiteboard.

Although you can use an HDMI cable to run your Whiteboard off of a computer, wireless options are much more practical and clean.
The main one we recommend is Chromecast.

Please note that Chromecast or any other wireless connection needs to be used to connect the TV and a PC or laptop, not an iPad.

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6. Setting up your whiteboard for SFS

There are 3 things that we need to do in order to set up your Whiteboard display.

1. Dual monitor setup: set your designated computer up so you are able to run the Whiteboard off of it in the background, while still being able to use it for your every day tasks. Each computer's operating system is a little different, so you may need to google "Dual Monitor Setup" to get some guidance.

2. Now that you have your Whiteboard displayed on your TV screen, expand the Whiteboard by clicking the icon:

3. Next, we need to make sure you are seeing 9 hour-cells for each patient. If you are not, then you simply need to zoom out using the keyboard until you see 9 hours of treatments on your Whiteboard.

On PCs you press: control and the minus key
On Macs you press: command and the minus key

7. Setting up your iPads for SFS

Your iPad is a very important tool. Let's make sure it's ready to go for those cage-side treatments!

1. Make sure all iPads have the Smart Flow app's latest version, and are logged into your clinic account.

2. Choose your iPad's notifications.

Go to settings, find Smart Flow, and select "allow notifications". Now you can choose how you want to be alerted when treatments are due.

3. Set up you iPad's mail option with the correct email address.

In Settings, go to Mail. If your email account associated with your Smart Flow login is not displayed, please select Add Account and set it up on each iPad.

This is important as the documents from your discharged patients will be sent to this account (unless your EMR is fully integrated), as well as any problem reports sent from the iPads are associated with this email.

8. Internet connection

It is important to speed test your internet connection on your PC/Mac, as well as the iPads.

Any cloud software relies on not only internet connection, but adequate speed to run your program.

The minimum download and upload speeds are 5 Mbps on your PC/Mac and iPads in order to have good functionality.

Click below to check your speeds on at least one computer and iPad:

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