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Go 100% paperless with your patients by introducing
Digital Forms in your practice.

A Path to
Paperless Workflow

Stop wasting time on paperwork.

Save Costs and
Release Human Resources

Radically cut your costs on the purchase & servicing of paper equipment, printing expendables, paper supplies, scanning, shredding, document storage & utilization, labor costs, etc.

Vet staff are relieved of the burden to sift through, sort and scan hard copies, manage paperwork and search for lost or missing papers.

Improve Continuity of Care

Create a smoother, speedier patient admission process using digital forms on an iPad. This means no lost papers or incomplete information.

Seamlessly sync data with selected EMRs. All forms are neatly organized in Smart Flow and transferred to your integrated EMR automatically.

Think Green.
Save Trees While Saving Pets

With Smart Flow, you aren’t just helping to save animals, time, and money. You’re also helping to save trees. Going paperless in your practice is a huge step in contributing to environmental conservation.

Ready to make your practice

Streamline Workflows

Paper forms slow the process down. With electronic Smart Flow forms, you optimize and automate overall workflow performance and ensure a more efficient process from the moment patients enter your clinic.


Customizable hospital forms by Smart Flow provide a simple way to collect, view and edit patient data. Your clients will use an iPad to quickly fill out forms which you will be able to save and retrieve for future reference.

To create a new form, use our handy pre-built templates and edit it to match your current paper version.

True Paperless Environment
At Your Clinic

Using an iPad, clients and clinic staff can enter a reason for the visit, take a photo of the pet, type in an email address (which clients always forget to provide!), insert a digital signature or a free drawing.

How It Works

Discover how to cut costs and streamline processes by going paperless with Digital Forms.

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Smart Flow helps save pets. And trees.