Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy is a part of our more general Privacy Policy which can be found here.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files comprising bits of text that are installed on your computer or mobile device each time you open a website. These small files enable our server to provide you with the information that is customized with your needs when you use some platform or website for the next time. How does it work?

Your browser tells our systems if any cookies files were installed in your computer and after our software systems connect to the cookies we are able to analyze the information the cookies files give us.

Cookies are used to enhance your user experience. For example, it enables Smart Flow to keep you sign in if you wish so there is no need for you to reenter the sign in information each time you come to Smart Flow website. But it is not the only beneficial thing the cookies can do.

Cookies also enable us to see your actions and preferences on the website, analyze this information and provide you more relevant information on services you are currently using or may use.

Cookies are also the tool that enables the behavioral advertising. That means it provides the opportunity for you to see the ads of, for example, some office furniture even if you left the website with it a long time ago after searching for a comfortable office chair. The cookies remembered that you searched for office chair and ensured the relevant server sends you the ad customized to your needs.

What cookies do Smart Flow use?

Smart Flow uses the following types of cookies files when entering the website:

Can you turn the cookies off?

Yes, you can do that by choosing the appropriate settings of your browser. The following links might be useful for you to choose the best option of your browser:

Can I opt-out from the use of cookies after I agreed the Smart Flow will use it?

Yes, sure, you can opt-out any time in the Privacy Policy section of the Smart Flow website or directly here.

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