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Get Into Training!

Congratulations. When you signed up for Smart Flow, the email you registered with was granted immediate access to the application. Only this email address has access to Smart Flow right now.

All other users will not be able to login to Smart Flow until they complete their training.

Anyone participating in the onboarding process, who will have access to the settings area of Smart Flow, should be signed up for their training courses now. We recommend you sign up with a personal email address for yourself as a "Manager". Then register for your training with that email address.

When you sign up a new user, they will receive an email with their login details for Smart Flow University.

Within 24-hours of completing the course, your staff will receive another email that includes their login details for your Smart Flow account.

It is possible to change the user's role at any time, but once they have been enrolled in training, you will need to re-enroll the user to allow them access to the training for that role.

We will discuss the roles and access in more detail at our next meeting.

For now, just enroll those with a "Manager" role into their training. These are people who will have full access to the Smart Flow settings menu, and should include you!